Sunday, May 6, 2012

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Here a little video preview of the patch.

I'm still waiting the kits... :(


  1. Please, make it as soon as possible. I have been waiting it for weeks :((((((((

  2. The guy who I've contacted for kitmaking said that he's only at 1/3 of the work... He started one month ago :| He said that in the coming weeks he will have more time for this work.

    I might also release it with "internal made" kits, but I prefer to release with real kits.

    Anyway NASL kits are made with internal editor. Unless you want to wait other months for real kits also for NASL :D. Better no, maybe an update ;)

  3. hi DB89 have you updated anymore player stats in the mls league ? for more realism etc.

  4. When do you think that the first release worthy version will be ready?

  5. Oh and will all the MLS stadiums be included, like CenturyLink Field, cause that would be awesome!! Thanks for doing this!

  6. @sportsfanatic
    The kitmaker wrote two weeks ago that is "really close" to finish the kits. I hope to release ASAP, but I do not promise more dates! :D
    And, the stadiums are made with internal editor, I hope you're not disappointed...

    Yes, stats are up-to-date with the current MLS season. I mean, Wondolowski is currently the top-scorer, so I will increase his stats and Toronto is the last team, so I will decrease team stats, and so on...

  7. Well, I gotta say I'm looking forward to this a whole lot.

    I use the PESEDIT patch, and would love to replace the PES league with the MLS.

    I've been trying to update the United States' squad, and been trying to make commentary callnames for some of the bigger names

    "Shea" was easy to make (O'SHEA is in-game, just added the “Shay-” word-start from SHANE FERGUSON).
    "Beckerman" turned out alright (only 1 instance, though).
    "Landon Donovan" will take time, but the sounds are there enough for multiple instances.
    Don't think I can swing fixing "CHARLIE DAVIES" so he doesn't pronounce it "DAVIS", though. Couldn't find a name that ended with the “-veez” sound, or even contained it, really.
    Plus, integrating PES 2011 callnames may not work; they get exported at ~ 1/2 the bitrate, so they sound muffled by comparison, and boosting the treble only does so much.

  8. I can make each indivudal teams adboards, using Jenkey's Adboardserver, you can use thing ingame. And I can also make some the less-known players faces . Only if you want me to . : ) I hope the kit maker guy is finished by now .

  9. @Ben Harrison
    For the callnames, I've already set them for the MLS (not NASL) using the default PES 2012's callnames. Yes, not perfect but similar, is a good result. :)

    @Jonathan Addai-Mireku
    Nice idea (both adboards & faces). If you want, can you start the work?
    About the kits: I sent a(nother) mail to the kitmaker the July 2nd, and I'm still waiting for a reply... :s

  10. :c ... do you have a facebook or some type of social network or something so we can stay in touch ? then i'll begin making the adboards for each team, and the faces of the top mls players (wondolowski, montero, eddie johnson, beckham etc.)

  11. :update: So it turns out the the mls adboards are very generic (based off of the latest games). They only use these adboards --> ... So I'm going to make the adboards based of these sponsors .

  12. hey whats going on with the patch?

  13. Kits are ready, only few days and the patch will be available, finally! :b

  14. bro .... here are the Generic Adboards .. i will make more as time goes on .

  15. and as for the player faces, do you still need them ? i can still make them .