Saturday, November 24, 2012

Posted by db89 |
Here a set of new screenshots from my North American Patch for PES 2013. Keep in mind that all is still work-in-progress.

The screenshots shows you the atmosphere of the CONCACAF Champions League in match between W Connection & Seattle Sounders.

And this screenshot shows you a little extra of my patch, new american names for the youth team players.

And a short video showing you the team's enter in CCL mode, and a short part of the match (sorry for low quality :| )

Release date? So far I've created 7 of 38 teams for the CCL, about 3 teams per day (apart the week-end), so in about 2 weeks I should finish, but then I have to create the kits, this may require another week... and update the rosters (import from PES 2012 have messed up all!) should take another few days...
We will see! :)


  1. heyyyy, long-long-long day ago, i waited MLS patch. hurry up please, i want to get new and different patch

  2. I am also waiting patiently for this patch to come out. Looking forward to it. Thanks

  3. Teams are ready, still waiting for the US English and Spanish Mexican files, and the CCL trophy too. About the kits, probably I will release a future update for the kits :)

  4. are there any updates as to when it will come out?

  5. - Teams: ready
    - Trophy: waiting
    - Language files: I need the US English file, can someone upload and send to me? Is named "dt05_u.img". Can't find anywhere :|

  6. when you get the file is there an estimated time to when it will come out

  7. Can this patch work on windows 7; I see that I don't have Program files x86, or do I have to create it?

  8. Yes, it should be "Program Files", anyway choose the same folder of PES 2013.